Description, symptoms, signs, prevalence, significance, differential diagnosis, see also  See Branch retinal vein occlusion Рassessment.

Management See Branch retinal vein occlusion management.

Fig. 19.1

Flowchart of some possible sequelae to branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO), and management options. For details. see Branch retinal vein occlusion – assessment.

Fig. 19.2

Resolving branch retinal vein occlusion: there are dilated veins, cotton-wool spots and some hemorrhages, together with a complete macular star.

Fig. 19.3

Resolved branch retinal vein occlusion sequelae: a secondary superior temporal arterial macroaneurysm, with dense lipid exudates leaking from the macroaneurysm descending toward the macula.

occlusion – sequelae-37