Fig. 17.1

Hemorrhages, exudates and cotton-wool spots associated with a superior temporal branch vein occlusion. The macula is affected, impacting on the patient’s visual acuity.

Fig. 17.2

Long-standing superior temporal branched retinal vein occlusion. with collateral vessels just above the disc, sheathed retinal veins and aneurysms above the macula.

threatening systemic conditions such as stroke, requiring prompt investigation and treatment.

Differential diagnosis

Central retinal vein occlusion; commotio retinae; ocular ischemic syndrome
(all usually unilateral); hypertensive retinopathy; diabetic retinopathy (usually bilateral).

See also

Branch retinal vein occlusion – sequelae; branch retinal artery occlusion; central retinal artery occlusion.


See Branch retinal vein occlusion management.

Branch retinal vein occlusion – assessment